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Pilates Business 101

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LESLEY LOGAN is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and has been studying and teaching Joseph Pilates Classical Method since 2005 and 2008 respectively. She also has eight years of retail management experience, and six years managing studios regionally for an international fitness club. She recently opened a studio of her own.

Lesley is the author of the book, Profitable Pilates, brings online courses and webinars to Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners and started the first online Pilates mastermind coaching group (called AGENCY) to help you grow your business! When not teaching in Los Angeles, Lesley is probably on the road hosting a Pilates retreat or business workshop.

Webinar: Pilates Business 101

The business class you've been wanting! In this one hour webinar I will be discussing my business tips from my book, and covering the basics of what you need to know to really set yourself up or reset yourself up.

Here's the thing, most Pilates instructors are super knowledgable about Pilates exercises. But, when it comes to the biz side of things, it's a lot overwhelming. I'll be covering the absolute must-do's in your business today. Some to-don'ts will also be discussed and then answering the questions you've been dying to have answered.

This 1-hour webinar to truly get you the help you need to take your next first step. Whether you have been teaching 1 month or 15 years there will be information in this webinar that will help you do more of what you love – Teach Pilates!



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